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Laura Mac started singing and recording in the dance music world around 2007. Since then, she has had chart success with some of the big names in dance. She has written and performed many dance tracks and hopes to be bringing out an album in Summer!

Laura is available for writing and recording - please get in touch for more details! 


Stimulated (Take Me)

Fitzy and Rossy B feat. Laura Mac

Fitzy and Rossy B sent Laura the music, she came up with the melody and then wrote the lyrics alongside her husband, Jonathon.

KB Project did this fabulous remix. 


Poison Feat. Laura Mac


Laura wrote this track with Jamie Agar, Chris Corcoran and Jonathon Purdey in 2009. This is one of Laura's all time favourite dance tracks and would love to re-record it as a pop track.

The amazing BTID remixed this track recently. 


Make You Mine (Unplugged)

Beat Commanders

Laura teamed up with the amazing Beat Commanders and recorded some great dance tunes with them, but this unplugged version of Make You Mine is Laura's favourite.

Laura Mac Dance Music: Discography
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